21 Disturbing Images That Won’t Make Sense to People Who Eat Everyday

Did you know that more than 820 million people in the world go hungry every day? What is more about 150 million children suffer from stunted growth due to malnutrition.

In Kenya alone, about 17 million people go hungry on daily basis.

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Although many interventions are being put in place to eradicate global hunger, there is still a long way to go. That is why if you have something to eat every day, you ought to be greatful and always remember those who have nothing .

If you go to bed everyday with a full stomach, these images wont probably make sense to you. But this is the reality out there.

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1. More than 17 million Kenyans sleep hungry from time to time

2. During droughts, food prices escalate. In Kenya, maize prices rose 30 percent.

3. The World Food Programme estimates that 337,000 children below the age of 5 years suffer from malnutrition which is the leading cause of mortality.

4. Kenya has a population of 46 million people. Of this number, 25 percent or 11.5 million people live in underdeveloped housing and suffer from a variety of harmful living conditions such as food insecurity and diseases

5. An estimated 5% of children in Kenya suffer from student growth resulting from poor nutrition.


6. In 2017 alone, it was estimated than 1 in every 4 children under five in Kenya was stunted. That is an equivalent of 1.8m children.

7. What is more, about 151 million children under five were affected by stunting in 2017 globally

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8. 11.3% of the world’s population is hungry. That’s roughly 805 million people who go undernourished on a daily basis

9. Shocking reports reveal that Africa has the most people living in extreme poverty and facing food shortages.

10. In 2007, more than 700,000 people in Turkana faced hunger.


11. More than 4.7 million children across East Africa are at risk of dropping out of school due to the drought’s impact

12. Between July 2011 and mid-2012, East Africa experienced a drought that was known as the worst in 60 years, leaving 13 million people affected with a severe food crisis in Ethiopia, Somalia and Kenya.

13. According to Save the Children organization, only 30 percent of boys and 20 percent of girls are enrolled in school during droughts, and only a few complete their education

14. Climate Change News states that due to political opposition and a lack of tools to run a government smoothly, the annual food inflation in Kenya increased 18.6 percent in 2017.

15. The people who are most vulnerable to food scarcity in Kenya live in dry areas, which is about 80 percent of the land.


16. In 2017, 23 countries experienced food crises due to climate and weather conditions. Two-thirds of these countries were in Africa, affecting approximately 32 million people.

17. According to World Vision, poor climate and instability are the main causes of East Africa’s hunger.

18. In 2017, conflict was the major cause of food insecurity and hunger in 18 countries, affecting about 74 million individuals. Eleven of these countries were in Africa.

19. 6 million people in the East African region are displaced due to conflict and drought, making them dependent on aid to meet their needs.

20. At least 20 percent of households in a given area face extreme food shortages with limited ability to cope.

21. More than 30 percent of children in East Africa suffer from acute malnutrition.



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Written by L.K. Nathans

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