Most Stylish Boots for Men in Kenya

Are you wondering where to buy the best men’s boots in Kenya? We have worked around the clock to put together a huge archives of the most stylish men’s boots you can buy in Kenya. From classic chelsea boots, versatile timberlands, clarks originals and so on, you will be sure to find your dream pair of boots.

The FleekBook team provides experts reviews and recommendations on where to buy men’s boots that satisfy every style and budget. Read ahead and discover the ultimate collection of the best men’s boots in Kenya.

Men’s boots is a wardrobe staple that you won’t help falling in love with. If you are looking for a piece of vogue footwear that can inspire elegance with any outfit while proving to be incredibly durable, this is where you should put your money.

Just when we thought that men’s boots have come way too  far to remain relevant with Generation Z, they seem to be invariably rekindling their popularity among different groups of fashion enthusiasts. Popular celebrities are seen rocking them almost everyday and style lovers in the streets can’t resist showing off a pair once in a while.

Although men’s boots bring a primal charm to modern style, it is not always a walk in the park when it comes to finding the perfect pair. There is a wide variety to chose from and it is easy to get lost in the excitement and end up taking home the wrong boot. There is a lot of things you need to keep in mind if you hope to buy the best men’s boots in Kenya.

If you find buying your dream men’s boots an unwelcome frustration, you have no course to worry any more. The dedicated team at FleekBook has taken the burden off your shoulder. Basically we have made things easier for you by going through the trouble of scouring the web for the most classic men’s boots that you will not only love but also easily afford.

We will show you exactly where to buy the boots at a cheaper price and even go an extra mile to provide you with tips on how to style every single pair we review.

The Best Men’s Boots in Kenya

Here is a collection of the most stylish men’s shoes in Kenya.

Clarks Originals Desert Boots

best men's boots in Kenya clark originals desert boots

The Clarks originals have an interesting backstory. The conception has its roots in 1941 when some of the Clarks brothers while in a military mission in Burma, saw an opportunity to design footwear that would interest the solders.

When the brothers noticed that the soldiers had a preference for crepe soled, suede boots as opposed to the standard army footwear during their downtime, they saw it as a business opportunity in disguise.

One of the brothers, Nathan Clark (not yours truly 🙂 ) went back to England armed with the designs that would give birth to the now hugely popular Clarks Originals. The stock committee did not, however, share his vision of the ultimate footwear so he had to see if folks over at the Chicago shoe fair would resonate with his vision.

The Desert Boots were an instant hit. It has now become a footwear staple that can painlessly add glamour to modern casual and smart casual wear. When notable figures like Jimmy Cooper and Liam Gallagher started rocking them, men who admired them knew the boots were something that deserved a spot in their wardrobes.

Over 80 years down the line and no one has found reason to change the impeccable original design. The desert boot has lived to see many fashion waves come and go, thanks to its originality and versatility. It would be a huge mistake to leave them out of the best men’s boots in Kenya.

If you don’t already own a pair, your wardrobe is missing an essential piece of footwear.

What to Wear With Clarks Originals Desert Boots

Timberland Lace Up Boots

best men's boots in Kenya timberland boots

The timberland work boot has come from being a mere rugged footwear designed for men who worked in the forests of New England back 1973, to being an elemental piece of foot gear for the modern man.  It has now become a fashion staple that very few men of style can take for granted. 

The timberland is not only loved for its stylish appeal but also its durability and practicability. They were popularized by hip-hop artists in the ’90s who made them an intrinsic part of their style during performances and major events. Many fashion wannabes and veterans later picked them up making the brand an unparalleled icon in footwear. 

Although the boot was originally made for the working man, it quickly found it’s way into the streets.  The brand was even forced to admit that it had defined street style, a fact it initially denied. The originally intention of the boot was quickly blurred out as it’s popularity mushroomed among hip-hop artists and fashion aficionados.

The Timberland boot has hitherto remained a signature footwear for the hip-hop rap scene and the original designers have no choice but to let it walk its own path.

It however doesn’t matter which feet it ends up in – rappers or workers – its enduring style ad quality is guaranteed to see it through any fashion wave.

The Timberland is no doubt one of the best men’s boots in Kenya. All the cool guys wear it. Rapper like Khaligraph Jones and Octopizzo have been seen donning it in many occasions.

What to Wear With Timberland Boots

  1. Wear With Jeans -Jeans are always on the top of pants options to wear with Timberlands. When paired together, jeans and the work boots rarely disappoint. Slim fitting or straight-leg pair of jeans are preferred for a classic casual look. They usually offset the bulkiness of the boots ensuring that you do not appear clumsily dressed. Nail the combination with either a T-shirt or flannel button-down.
  2. Rock With Denim Shirts -To bring out the best look, timberland boots should be styled in a rugged manner. These make them the perfect choice to go with your stylish denim shirt or even jacket. You can opt for a classic double denim look by throwing in a dark pair of jeans into the combination.
  3. Timberlands with a blazer – If you prefer dressing up your timberlands, a stylish blazer would be the perfect choice. You must, however, decide on the right blazer as this combination can quickly go south with the wrong one. A laid back casual design with a T-shirt and black jeans should be able to cook up an enviable ensemble.
  4. Combine with a Sweater – Not to pick sides but if I were to choose the best piece of clothing to style with my timberlands, I would go for a sweater. The result is usually a vogue smart casual look but you must first get the combination right. A simple sweatshirt with jeans is not a bad idea. Add a  classic men’s watch  to nail the perfection.
  5. Wear with a T-shirt – Pairing timberlands with a plain yet classic t-shirt will bring out a dapper casual look. Choose a nice fitting T-shirt with your favourite pair of slim or straight-legged jeans.

Chelsea Boots

best men's boots in Kenya chelsea boots

Our collection of the best men’s boots in Kenya wouldn’t be complete without inclusion of the classic Chelsea boot. The boot has a long history of being at the forefront of the fashion scene majorly for its comfortable and stylish appeal.

The Chelsea boot has not always been for the everyday Joe. It  was actually originally designed for Queen Victoria and I have absolutely no idea how it ended up in a man’s closet, so I hope you won’t bother to ask. But we will overlook the fact that the boot we now love and behold with contention has a female origin.

All that matter is that they are now practical and dapper option for the modern man. Before we knew it as a Chelsea boot, the guys who made it for the queen called it a Paddock boot because it was majorly used for riding.

But not for long.

In the 1950s, some creatives in Chelsea saw that the boot was worth much more than just idling on a horse’s saddle. They picked it up and the popularity quickly spread. They were later renamed Chelsea boots because they were mostly worn by members of a group known as the Chelsea Set.

Later on, just as the boots began to spread in popularity, well known rock bands such as the Rolling Stones and The Beatles began spotting them. More people noticed them for the stylish and classic footwear that they were and soon became an essential part of fashion for the social elite.

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What to Wear With Chelsea Boots

Chelsea Boots with Casual Attire

If you think the time is ripe to ditch sneakers for a change, Chelsea boots would be great alternatives. The Victorian boots can seamlessly be dressed down to achieve a dapper casual look for the modern man. You can go with both suede and leather Chelsea boots for the casual look but if you are after a more relaxed appearance, stick with the leather ones.

The most preferred casual attire to pair with Chelsea boots are skinny jeans, Denim shirts and T-shirts for a laid back weekend look.

Chelsea Boots with Smart Casual Attire

If you think being too casual is obnoxious but still don’t want to go formal, the smart casual look should do the trick. The good news is, you can style your favourite pair of Chelsea boots to achieve the smart appearance.

You can be sure the boots will elevate an otherwise casual look to a more polished one. Pair with simple pieces such as turtleneck sweaters, jeans and a double-breasted coat to achieve an admirable smart casual look. Black or brown leather Chelsea boots agree more with smart casual attire as opposed to suede ones.

Chelsea Boots with Business Casual Attire

Chelsea boots are so versatile it is hard to put them down. Apart from rocking them with casual and smart casual outfits, they also marry incredibly well with business casual attire. The big secret lies in finding the right balance to come up with a business casual look that will give you access to most offices or meetings without bothering your neck with a tie.

Keep things business-like and appropriate for the office with leather Chelsea boots. They bring out a sophisticated look as long as you don’t go with patent option that may make you look overdressed. Pair with Chinos, oxford shirts and blazers.

Chelsea Boots with Semi-Formal Attire

If you thought Chelsea boots are only for a casual weekend look or during your downtime, you will be surprised how well they bring out a classic semi-formal look.

You can wear the boots with matching suits and look outstanding in any semi-formal occasion. Make sure that the boot and suit colour do not repel or clash. For example if you choose a grey or black suit, black leather Chelsea boots will nail the look perfectly.

Brogue Boots

best men's boots in Kenya brogue boots

The brogue boots are icons of style and originality. They are unique, versatile and quite easy to tell apart from the plethora of other men’s boots. Their signature features include perforated leather upper and wingtip toecap.

The brogue boot has won the hearts of many fashion lovers with its uniqueness that come with a touch of elegance and class. It is believed that the name came from the Irish word bróg  which means shoe. The original design was inspired by the need to create an ideal shoe that would be useful as an outdoor country walking shoe.

The perforations are meant to drain fluids that the shoe my take in while walking through wet terrain. That was the original purpose of the brogue boot- to be used as a  function footwear.

However, that is no longer the case. Like many footgears that were designed with a defined user base in mind, they quickly wandered off the shoe racks of the country men in Ireland to the the streets and music concerts all over the world.

The brogue boots have now been widely embraced in the fashion and style scene as the ultimate casual and dress shoe. It can be worn to both formal and casual occasions without feeling like you have a twisted sense of fashion.


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