25 Most Profitable Businesses to Start in Kenya 2022

These are the best businesses you can start in Kenya right now.

business ideas in Kenya

Are you looking for the best businesses to start in Kenya 2019? Look no more.  We have compiled a list of the most profitable business ideas in Kenya that you can start right now.

We understand  how frustrating starting a business can be. Finding the right  business to venture in is even more daunting. There are a lot of things that you need to consider in order to determine whether a business is profitable or not. But you don’t have to worry, we have done the hard work for you and came up with an extensive list of business opportunities in Kenya that you can invest in.

 Best small business ideas in Kenya

Below is our inclusive list of untapped business ideas in Kenya 2019. Choose the business that best suits your plans and budget and start implementing right away.

1. Bakery business

 It is hard  to find a list of the best business ideas in Kenya without the bakery business popping up. Starting a bakery business in Kenya is not hard. However, like any other business there are things that you need to consider  before starting. These include the capital and materials which you will be using in your business.

For example you will need to buy baking equipment (such as mixing bowls, measuring spoons ) and recipes that are used to make cakes.  You also require some creativity which comes in handy when it comes to decorating the cakes. 

 Above all you need to have a great passion for baking and a few marketing skills

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2. Mitumba Business 

 If you are looking for small business ideas in Kenya, Mitumba  should be a top priority. We have done an in-depth guide on how to start a profitable Mitumba business so if you need more guidance you can check it out. Unlike the bakery business, this one might be more demanding especially when it comes to acquiring mitumba bales. 

To start a Mitumba business in Kenya you need minimum capital. You will also need someone to be supplying the mitumba bales so that you don’t have to travel too much yourself.  Choosing the right Mitumba clothes to sell is key. There are also other factors to consider such as the location of the business the amount you choose to invest and so on. If you are more serious and looking to go large, you can even consider writing a mitumba business plan.

Read our complete guide on how to start a mitumba business in Kenya.

3. Clothing Boutique Business 

 Before you get confused, you should note that a Boutique business is  slightly different from a Mitumba business. The differences lies in the types of clothes and business location. A Mitumba  business is about selling second-hand clothes and is mostly done in open areas with no special structures. On Other hand a boutique business is done in a building  and mostly deals with new clothes. 
This is one of the most  profitable small scale business ideas in Kenya. 

Read our complete guide on how to start a clothing boutique business in Kenya.

4. Salon Business

 The Beauty industry is growing very quickly.  That is why it is so hard to miss a salon on the list of the best businesses to start in Kenya.  if you have small capital and looking for a business that you can start quickly, this one should be a top priority.  However, to start a salon business in Kenya you need to have some skills unless you’re planning on hiring other people. 

If you are for examples starting a hair salon you need to know how to plaid latest hairstyles especially for women. You will also need  all the necessary salon equipment and a place to setup your business. Like most modern businesses, location here is very important. You also need  good customer relation skills to keep your customers coming. 

Read our complete guide on how to start a salon business  in Kenya. 

5. M-PESA Agent Business 

If you already have an existing business being an M-PESA Agent  is a great idea. Otherwise starting an M-PESA Agent business on its own  might not be very profitable. All you have to do to start an M-PESA Agent business in Kenya is to register with M-PESA  as an agent. For maximum profit you will need to be located in an area with a lot of people that use M-PESA. 

Although it is not massively profitable this is now one of the top top businesses in Kenya.

Read our complete guide on how to start an M-PESA Agent business  in Kenya. 

6. Vending Machine Business 

This is one of the easiest businesses to start in Kenya.  Al l you need is a vending machine and the product you will be selling.  Some of the most popular products to sale on a vending machine include milk, juice, sweets, water,  newspapers, soft drinks and cigarettes. Make sure that your vending machine is located at a strategic position  where customers can easily find you. 

These include resident areas, busy streets and universities. If you are interested in starting a vending machine business in Kenya, a recommended you read this guide.

The good news is, you require no special skills or training. Just get the right products and equipment and you are ready to go.

Click the button below for the best vending machines we recommend for this business.

7. Fast Food Business

 This entails selling food that is eaten  On-The-Go as opposed to customers sitting down to eat like in a hotel. Considering how fast the food industry is  growing, this makes for one of the most profitable businesses in Kenya.

People are also busier and in a hurry making a fast food business the most logical option. You can start with light snacks and move to more expensive delicacies like pizza and burgers as you grow. 

There are a lot of business opportunities in Kenya for youth but this one is our favourite.

8. Laundry Business 

 Contrary to popular belief,  a laundry business in Kenya is very profitable.  This is especially true if you live in an urban setting where a lot of people have office jobs.  Most of these people have no time to take care of their own laundry and will heavily rely on your services.  There is also a very large customer base and you are, therefore, guaranteed of profits. 

To kick off your laundry business in Kenya you will  need a few equipment which include a washing machine,  iron box and a variety of detergents. You can do it manually with your hands if you cannot afford a washing machine but your profit margin will be lower. 

We, therefore, recommended buying a washing machine if you want to make some serious profits.

Best online business ideas in Kenya

Online jobs are becoming very popular in Kenya.  More and more people are becoming interested with the idea of stay-at-home jobs and all the freedom it brings.  Apart from the money to be made, the fact that most online jobs allow you to be your own boss is very attractive.  It is no surprise, therefore, the most Kenyans are on the lookout for the most profitable online businesses in Kenya.

 Below are a few examples of online jobs you can do in Kenya and start making money. 

9. Online writing

 This is the most popular online job in Kenya.  If you are a good writer you will find freelance writing a priceless opportunity.  To be an online article writer in Kenya, the first thing you need to have is good writing skills.  You will also need a laptop and good internet connection.

As an online writer you can either choose to be an article writer or an academic writer.  Article writers basically write content for blogs and websites while academic writers do assignments and other related work for students, academicians or educational institutions.

 There are a lot of places you can find  online writing jobs in Kenya. These include Social media sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn  and Reddit. the most popular option is content mills such as Upwork, iWrite, Text Broker and so on. 

10. Affiliate marketing

 This basically entails selling products owned by someone else and then you’re paid commissions.  In other words you help businesses promote their products and are paid a small percentage of the total price from every sale you drive.  Affiliate marketing is one of the most profitable online jobs in Kenya. It is also very easy to start and begin making profits. Since you will  not be selling your own products your only job will be to promote them and collect your commissions when you make successful sales. 

You can do affiliate marketing through social media or by using your own website.  You will be provided with a link containing a unique ID by your affiliate partner which you will then be using to promote products.  Every product sold through this link will earn you commissions

RECOMMENDED: 10 Highest Paying Affiliate Marketing Programs in Kenya

11. Influencer Marketing

 If you are a public figure or have a lot of followers on social media you can tap into influencer marketing.  This is where you help businesses promote their products by endorsing them to your fans or social media followers. In other words, you’re using your influence to help businesses create awareness about their products.  Unlike affiliate marketing, you are paid whether you make sales or not. The point here is to create awareness as opposed to actively selling products.

It is also more profitable and professional since companies are choosing you to be like their brand ambassador. If you are looking for new business ideas in Kenya that a lot of people are not focusing on, this one is one of them.


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