19 Memes That Only People Who Truly Love Avocados Will Understand

We love avocados, but we love avocado memes even more, because we love avocados.

Whether you want to add it to your best dishes or stick it on your face, an avocado never disappoints. This is a collection of the funniest avocado memes on the internet. Just another reason to remind ourselves that we are eating too much avocados instead of saving money for a house.

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I know you are fired up and ready to feed on our hilarious avocado memes but before you do, let me quickly remind your why everyone is sooo obsessed with avocados.

7 Delicious Reasons You should be eating an avocado right now

  1. They are super healthy and stinking rich with nutrients
  2. They are the reason why all fats are not totally deadly. As they say, avocado fat is the good kind of fat.
  3. They have soo much fiber mangoes are afraid they will be replaced. To be exact, avocados contain 7 g of dietary fiber.
  4. Avocados actually lower your cholesterol levels. To put this in perspective, any other fat will get your cholesterol meter on steroids.
  5. You can intermarry them with literally any meal. I wish I could say the same for you mister margarine.
  6. They put your blood pressure in check. Thanks to their high potassium content.
  7. They are fleeking tasty. All healthy foods are usually horrible tasting, except avocados.

Source: Odyssey

1. Loving avocados is a calling but mostly it means having to spend an entire day trying to find the perfect one…

finding the perfect Avocado memes

2. This is important because not all avocados are good. Some are actually forbidden…

Avocado memes crenade

3. Some are cursed…

Avocado memes rotten

4. And some may be lonely frogs pretending to be avocados in the hope that someone will pick them…

Avocado memes frog

5. But at the end of a long day, you always find the perfect one…

Avocado memes Daenerys


6. Especially this kind of avocado…

perfect Avocado

7. Finding the perfect avocado is only half the hard work, though. The other half is ensuring that you eat them immediately they are ready. Because if you don’t…

Avocado memes not yet

8. In fact, avocados only need a minute to be useless…

 memes  funny

9. Nonetheless, they are still very vital. Apart from ensuring even the worst dish becomes edible, they can also prevent robbery…

avocado memes in Kenya

10. Additionally, they make it very easy for your dream girl to say yes….

Avocado memes vegan proposal


11. Even more exciting, they lighten up your day when everyone else is trying to dim it…

Avocado prices dropped memes

12. That is why you should never let anyone limit the number of avocados you can eat..

Avocado memes wetangula

13. Because even if you eat only one avocado, you still won’t be able to please everyone…

you can't please everyone you are not an Avocado

14. Disappointingly though, ladies will always make it hard for you to stay loyal to avocados …

funny Avocado memes

15. Instead of finding avocado in your githeri, you find it on her face…

Avocado memes raila


16. Even more disheartening, they never want to call you Mr. Avocado man…

,Mr Avocado man

17. That is why if you have such a lady, it is better to divorce them and marry an avocado…

Marrying an avocado

18. But whatever you do, don’t you ever call your avocado wife fat…

The good kind of fat

19. Because she will leave you and never come back again.

Avocado memes fat



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