How to Easily Make a Stylish Denim Skirt From Old Jeans [DIY]

Do you have old or torn jeans that are unnecessarily feeling up your wardrobe? Don’t throw them away just yet.

I am going to show you exactly how you can turn them into stylish denim skirts without breaking a sweat.

By the end of this DIY tutorial, that old jean you are planning to ditch will be a new voguish denim skirt.

Here we go.

How to Make a Mini Skirt From Old Jeans

  1. You need a pair of jeans that fits you well it can be old or torn what matters most is it has to be fitting at the waist and the hips part.
  2. Cut down the jeans to your preferred length. I recommend that you put them on first or just measure against you body from the waist down then mark where you would like to cut them. Make sure to add an extra length just in case you would need to make any adjustments later or hem the skirt.
  3. Cut inseam apart. This is the inside seam of the pant legs. Make the cutting as close as possible to the seam. The jeans should be wide open at the bottom just almost as the look of a skirt. Also cut the crotch part (this is the part between the legs where they join) in a curvy manner to ensure that the skirt fits you well on the hip.
  4. Cut the back and front seams so that they lay flat. The crotch part has to be curved to fit your figure. Lay the skirt flat and, cut up along the back and front crotch seams by 1 or 2 inches until you reach the end of the curved part. When you finally overlap the two edges there has to be no buckling.
  5. Overlap the cut edges to cut the skirt. The shape of the skirt depends on how you cut it. It may be triangular in the center where you cut the pants legs apart. Close this gap as much as possible by moving the two cut edges together and overlapping them. Pin the gap shut then repeat the process for the back. Make the bottom wider so that you don’t have to add a panel to it if it turns out to be too narrow.
  6. Begin stitching the front part of the skirt using a sewing machine or by hand. Ensure to use a thread color that matches the jeans. Start sewing from the top part where the crotch used to be and move towards the bottom. Repeat the same process at the back of the skirt. Consider backstitching at the start and end of sewing to make it look nicer.
  7. Use a pair of scissor to trim off any excess fabric on the front and back of the skirt where you overlapped the crotched parts.
  8. Hem the skirt if need be. Turn the it inside out and fold the bottom edge and topstitch it down. Use the thread color that matches the rest of the topstitching.
  9. Turn the skirt right side out and you are ready to rock it


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Written by Sharon Juma


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