13 Miguna Miguna Twitter Comebacks That Are Way Too Harsh But Still Funny As Hell不不

Miguna Miguna is as funny as he is controversial. He is probably one politician you wouldn’t want to miss following on twitter. His tweets are mostly critical of the government and other politicians who do not fall on his radar of ‘friends’.

When it comes to twitter replies, Miguna does not hold anything back. Below are 13 times his Twitter comebacks made us laugh so hard then feel bad afterwards.

1.When he called Mutahi Ngunyi a fake professor

Miguna Miguna twitter replies

2. When this poor lady didn’t think before tweeting

Miguna Miguna comebacks

3. And when this dada failed to use her brains

4. Meandering What??

5. Poor Duale. He was just trying to be liked…


6. Looks like Sifuna doesn’t have his facts right

7. Ouch! That Hurts

Miguna Miguna funny

8. Big Words Here

Miguna Miguna tweets

9. Some English Lessons

10. Focus please. Focus.

Miguna Miguna twitter


11. More English Lessons

Miguna Miguna tweets  funny

12. People should eat their checks quietly

Miguna Miguna tweets

13. On Sifuna Again

Funny Miguna Miguna tweets


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Written by Belinda Kay


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