5 Highly Inspiring Mitumba Business Success Stories

If you are looking for inspiration before you can start your mitumba business in Kenya, these stories will provide a spark of motivation.

mitumba business success stories

If you want to start a Mitumba business but luck inspiration, these mitumba business success stories should be able to set you on the right path to motivation.

Basically these are stories of people who have fought against all odds to make it in mitumba business. Like any other business venture, running a mitumba enterprise may not be a walk in the park especially for beginners.

Starting a business is complicated. That is what makes it worth the time. If it were easy, everyone would be doing and there would be no much fun or sense of accomplishment.

Despite the hardship, giving up should never be an option for you. The following mitumba business success stories will renew your energy and give you a new hope to start a mitumba business.

If other people made, you too can.

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Can you be successful with a Mitumba business?

A lot of people who want to start mitumba business are not sure whether it is the right venture to channel their energy into. There is a notion that the business is saturated and making profit may not be so easy.

That is wrong.

From the stories I am going to share, you will see that some people are making millions selling mitumba clothes. Withe the right business strategy and a positive mindset, there is nothing that is gong to keep your from breaking into the mitumba market.

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4 Inspiring Mitumba Business Success Stories

There are a lot of mitumba success stories on the internet. I will be providing you with links to some very inspiring stories about how people started their mitumba businesses.

Here are links to five inspiring mitumba business success stories:

1. John Mwasaru made over Ksh 60,000 per month when he started his mitumba busines in Likoni. Read his story.

2. Sophy Osano left her job to start a mitumba business. She never regretted her decision. Read her story.

3. Keziah Nyaga had a massive breakthrough in the mitumba market after a lot of struggles. Read the inspiring story

4. Grace Wambere Ndung’u is making a kill in the mitumba business. Learn from her success

5. Dominic Odongo used his HELB money to start a mitumba business. He never regretted. Read his story.

I hope the above mitumba business success stories will be able to motivate you to start your own business. The mitumba market is growing and you can position yourself as an authority by doing things differently.

7 Tips to Increase Your Mitumba Sales

Some tips yo can use to be successful as a mitumba business include:

  • Writing a business plan– Many mitumba sellers ignore this option and end up messing in the long run. A business plan is a very essential recipe to the success of any business. Learn how to write a mitumba business plan.
  • Buy quality mitumba bales – Do not go for cheap options and end up not selling anything. Find a reliable mitumba bales supplier and ensure that you receive quality stock. Check list of credible mitumba suppliers
  • Sell popular clothes – Not all mitumba clothes sell. Some will bring dismal sales while others sell like hot cakes. Ladies tops and children clothing tend to sell better than other mitumba clothes.
  • Find the right location – Selling mitumba may be a good business but you cannot do it anywhere. Some of the best places to start a mitumba business include crowded towns and near universities.
  • Be social with customers – Customers love to be treated cordially. One very essential character any mitumba business person should have is treating their customers right. No amount of mitumba business stories will change your business if you don’t build good relationships with customers. Remember that customers always come first.
  • Give offers – Don’t be so rigid with your pricing. Giving your customers good offers once in a while to build even stronger relationships and increase your business credibility.
  • Open branches – If you want to make millions selling mitumba clothes, yo are going to need more than just one stall. After making some money, you can open more stalls and employ other people to man them. This can either be in the same city or a different town all together.

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