Nollywood’s teenage sensation allegedly marries a 59-year-old billionaire and tongues can’t stop waggling

From the most recent splash of a new ferrari, Mercedes Benz earlier on, 3 million rolex watch and new mansion for her Mom Rita Daniels, it is no lie Regina Daniels is living the life.

Regina Daniels

This young actress really knows she is beautiful and has it all, taking any slight chance she gets to show netizens all the sauce.

Regina cruising on a private jet
Regina’s newest ride

It’s now being said that the source of all her wealth is Ned Nwoko, whom she allegedly married recently in a highly private wedding.

The 59-year-old billionaire is a politician, lawyer, businessman and royalty. After the news broke the internet, fans asked the Nollywood heartthrob. She replied with a post insinuating they were just rumors and ofcourse showed more of her over the top lifestyle in a series of snapchats.

Prince Ned Nwoko

When the politician (who already has other wives) was asked, he chose not to comment but made it very clear that as a prince he is entitled to marry as many wives as he pleases. In addition, he stated that even if it was true, he waited until she was of age before any intimate advances.

Share your thoughts with us, do you think all this is just a fabrication or is the truth laid bare to our eyes?


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Written by Patience Miethia

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