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How To Start A Hugely Profitable Boutique Business in Kenya 2019

How to start a boutique business in Kenya

Are you looking to start a successful boutique business in Kenya? In this guide, I am going to reveal strategies that a lot of people are using to make millions with clothing boutique businesses.

By the end of this guide, I will answer all or some of the following important questions:

  • How much does it cost to start a boutique in Kenya?
  • How much inventory do I need to start a boutique business in Kenya?
  • How much can I make with an online clothing boutique?
  • Do I need a business plan to start a boutique business in Kenya?
  • How do I start an online clothing store in Kenya with no money?

Boutique business in Kenya has risen in popularity in the last few years. People mint millions from this business. The amount of profit you make will depend on how smart you are and the kind of strategies you use.

There are people who ventured in the same business and ended up incurring great losses, not because it is a  bad project, but due to flimsy planning. For any business to be successful, you have to be smart. You have to look at it at each and every possible angle. From the capital needed, target market, where to locate your boutique, your supplier etc.

Don’t worry though. Here I am, to take you through the steps on how to start the most successful boutique business in Kenya.

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Boutique Business Plan

How do I start the most successful boutique in Kenya? That is the most asked question. First and foremost you must have a business plan that is achievable. Ensure to include important aspects such as the startup capital. All goals and business objectives should be spelt out clearly. Clear operational procedures should as well be indicated with all products and service you are offering also stated.

Learn how to write a great business plan

How much does it cost to start a boutique in Kenya?

The start up capital for a boutique will entirely depend with your business plan, and the type of boutique you want. It is, however, advisable that your personal savings would be a good start up point. Remember that business is all about risking, and a good entrepreneur is a risk taker. Avoid taking loans from banks as much as possible. Rather, opt to saving a big portion of your salary which should later serve as your your start up capital. You can as well take part time jobs for extra bucks for your boutique business.

Identify your target market

In order to do this, you have to identify a gap in whichever place you wish to start your business. It is pointless to start a boutique shop where there are many overcrowded boutiques at the same place. Make sure that your location is open and advertises itself. A boutique shop beside main roads, in shopping malls, opposite or in colleges would be a perfect place. Make sure that your shop stands out than the rest. Be creative enough.

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Marketing Plan

As I said earlier, your boutique should stand out. Before coming up with a shop for your boutique, it would be better if you conduct a simple market survey around the town and look for gaps other boutiques are facing. For example if most boutiques sell men’s clothes or shoes, why not opt for ladies stuff? Check on the arrangement of their goods and how they operate. Can you perfect it? Again, technology came with so many advantages. You can start an online page where you advertise, sell and deliver your products!! Be ready to sell goods at discount e.g. a dress worth Ksh. 2,000 with free delivery for online buyers. That’s being unique!!! Think outside the box.

Identify your supplier

This is a very important consideration when starting a boutique shop in Kenya. Depending on the type of clothing, you should have at least one or two very reliable and trustworthy suppliers. Many people have incurred hundred of thousands of losses because of dealing with so many suppliers who end up conning them.

It is better to stick to one reliable and trustworthy supplier than to constantly change your supplier. Sticking to your one particular supplier will create a strong bond and with time, he/she will be supplying you goods at a good profit.

Licence and Insurance

The wise men said that prevention is better than cure. A business insurance is very important. Make sure you insure your boutique. You never know when that fire outbreak will start and burn everything to the ground. This will mean that you will again start from the scratch. Business insurance will ensure that in case of any accident in your boutique which may end up causing damage to your product or staff, you will be compensated. Make sure you also acquire your business permit or business licence. You will never want to on the wrong side with the local authorities.

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Working staff

This is another important aspect in your boutique business. Starting the most successful boutique needs hiring a highly skilled personnel. This type of business requires someone with high sense of fashion. He/she should always be up to date with the new trending fashions in as much as clothing is involved.

You will never want to put a boring and quiet staff in your boutique. Instead, go for an energized and a talkative person. A person with great marketing skills. Let those people with sales and marketing experience and qualifications be your first choice. Believe me, with them, you will be left shocked with the amount of profit you will generate.

Evaluate your competition

The most successful boutique will always be one with a constant competition. Frequently survey of other boutiques will tell you exactly where you are in terms of your customers, the quality of your products and if you are in deed generating any profits. Ensure that you out do your competitors in every aspect to maintain your customers lest you will loose them all.

Best places to start your boutique shops in Kenya

The following are some of the most convenient and profit assured places where you can start your boutique business in Kenya:

  1. Near colleges or universities
  2. Malls
  3. Areas with foot traffic
  4. Downtown areas though competition will be high due to many shops which all try to attract customers
  5. Online platform which offer premium services such as delivery and discounts on goods bought online

High Quality Boutique Wholesale Clothing Suppliers


  1. Alibaba/Aliexpress
  2. China brands


  1. Sugarlips Wholesale – Clothing and Fashion
  2. Bloom Wholesale – For women clothing
  3. Wholesale Fashion Square – Clothing amd Fashion
  4. Tasha Apparel – Clothing
  5. Magnolia Fashion Wholesale – Clothing and Fashion
  6. LA Show Room – Clothing


  1. Parisian – Clothing and Fashion
  2. Wholesaler UK – Clothing
  3. City Goddess UK – Clothing and Fashion
  4. Influence Fashion UK – Clothing and Fashion
  5. Direct Discount Clothing – Clothing
  6. Cat Walk Wholesale – Clothing


  1. India Mart
  2. Zaa Smart
  3. DPL India

Best places to start a boutique business in Kenya

As I mentioned earlier, when locating your wholesale boutique clothing, or rather, a boutique shop, it is advisable it along the main roads where it markets itself. The following are some of the best places where you can start your must successful boutique shop in Kenya

Best Places to start a boutique business in Nairobi

  • Village Market
  • Kenyatta Avenue
  • Ngong Road
  • Biashara Street
  • Tom Mboya Street
  • Two Rivers Mall
  • Kitengela

Best Places to start a boutique business in Mombasa

  • Kongowea market.
  •  Chaani market
  • Majengo market.
  • Sega market.
  • Buxton market.
  • Mackinnon market.

Best Places to start a boutique business in Nakuru

  • Langa Langa
  • Kaptembwo
  • Government Road
  • Old Nairobi Road
  • Nasha Market
  • Kenyatta Avenue
  • Taifa Road

Best Places to start a boutique business in Kisumu

  • Tom Mboya Street
  • Kibuye
  • Kamas
  • Mega City Mall
  • Nyamasaria
  • Jaramogi Oginga Odinga Street

Best Places to start a boutique business in Eldoret

  • Oginga Odinga Street
  • Cheptiret Market

How to market your boutique business on Facebook

How to start an online boutique service is not a very difficult thing to do. Online marketing of boutique business need a lot of commitment and patience if you really want to make money out of it. Don’t expect to immediately start getting customers the moment you post your first item on your page. The following strategies will help you grow your boutique business on Facebook.

Post regularly

An active Facebook user normally checks his/her Facebook page approximately 25 times per week, that is according to a recent Australian research. For your products to sell, you need to also post new accessories or clothes regularly. Involve your customers online and be ready to answer some of the questions they ask.

Use Catchy pictures and videos

Always post the picture or video of your commodities with a short description if you need to catch Facebook users’ attention. Your clients will find it more appealing and pushes them more to buy your accessories.

Nurture your relationship with customers

Creating a good relationship with your customers is very important in business. Loyalty and trust will encourage more customers to your online boutique page. This will mean more profits will be made. Stand by your words and be truthful when engaging with your clients. If you are doing online deliveries, make sure you keep time in your deliveries as you agreed with your clients.

Promote your Facebook page

Promoting your Facebook page helps to widen the customer base and stand a chance at recording more sales. This enables your social media to work hand in hand with more traditional marketing methods.

How to market your online boutique on Instagram

The following are some of the tips you need to consider when marketing your online boutique shop on Instagram:


Understand your audience. Find time and carry out a little survey of your Instagram friends. Check their sense of fashion and interests from their posts and fashion wear. This will enable you to know exactly what to post and it will definitely sell.

Engage your audience

Engaging your audience one on one makes them feel cared of and ther interests are really considered. Talk to them. Listen to what they want. It is better to talk to them than talking at them.

Use relevant hashtags

Hashtags help relevant audiences find your posts more readily and therefore increase exposure.

Identify the best time to post on Instagram

The best time to post on Instagram is between 7-9 pm according to recent research. Posting your products at this time ensures that it reaches most people. Aim for non working hours like lunch hours, evening and weekends.

Most profitable accessories/clothes for boutique business

Costs of opening a boutique shop may be costly at times. With regard to this, it is very important that you come up with the most profitable boutique item list. The following are some of the best accessories and clothes to sell at your boutique:

  • Ladies casual wear
  • Men casual wear
  • Men’s sport shoes
  • Office wear clothes for both gender
  • Boots for men
  • Watches for ladies and men
  • Sports wear

We are in a fast evolving generation in as much as fashion is involved. Make sure you are up to date with the current fashion trends to always update your stock.


It is my wish that before venturing in boutique business,consider all the above aspects and go through them critically before making any decisions. So how to start a boutique shop should not give you much troubles. I hope that this information will help you to start a hugely successful boutique business in Kenya.


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