Stylish Ladies Handbags in Kenya for 2018 -Under 5k

Are you looking for the most stylish ladies Handbags in Kenya? You have come to the right place. In this guide you will be able to find the perfect bag for your specific need. We have made sure to include a wide variety of stylish handbags to ensure that there is something for everyone.

Browse through our collection of the best handbags in Kenya, suitable for a variety of occasions and seasons.  All of which you can make your own at the insanely low price of under 5k.

No lady in their right fashion sense would ever get enough of handbags. You just never own too much of them. There is always room for more in your closet, no matter how many of them you cram in there.

Whether it is an obsession or something else, we can’t lay a blame on the ladies. Some of these bags are just irresistible. No matter how financially disciplined you promise yourself to be, you just can’t find it in your heart to leave a lovely handbag behind. They are the must-have accessories that define a stylish Kenyan lady and there is very little you can do to quench the desire for more.

We understand that may fashionable Kenyan ladies are obsessed with stylish handbags just as much as we understand that it can be quite daunting to get one. That is why we made it our business to crawl every corner of the internet, looking for lovably elegant handbags befitting a stylish Kenyan lady.

But before, you dive into the collection, what do you look for before buying quality, stylish ladies handbags in Kenya?

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Tips for Buying Stylish Ladies Handbags in Kenya

If you are going to spend your savings on a handbag-  which is probably against your new year’s resolutions- it better be worth it. Before you take that handbag home, make sure to check the following seven properties of  high quality ladies bag in Kenya. 

  1. Durability – There is no point buying a handbag that is going to last  a few weeks to a month. You want to make sure that what you settle for is worth your money. Before deciding to pay for a handbag, carefully inspect the material, zippers and the seams to ensure that they are of good quality. Any indications of wear or tear should be your red flags. The point is to make sure that you get a handbag that will give you enough mileage.
  2. Size –  Size is a personnel preference so you want to ensure that the handbag you are buying satisfy your personal needs. One criteria to keep in mind when deciding which size to settle on is the amount of essentials you always carry around. Is the handbag big enough to accommodate those belongings you never leave behind? After all, what is the point of carrying a bag around if it can’t accommodate your bare essentials. Where you are going to use it also matters. Are you going to carry it to work or when going to town?
  3. Colour – Ladies can be very picky when it comes to colour. Unlike men, they just don’t fall for anything. It is imperative that you buy  a bag that comes with your favorite colour. It also has to agree with the general theme of your wardrobe and stand out among your other valuables. It wouldn’t make much sense to change your entire wardrobe just so that it meshes well with that one handbag. Go with a colour that match with most of your outfits and you can comfortably carry it around.
  4. Functionality – How safe will your belongings be inside the bag? Depending on where you most hang out, it is important that the handbag be able to keep your essentials safe. For instance if your are a city girl, you probably want  a bag that has a zipper or button top to keep your stuff from being stolen or spilling out.
  5. Portability– The original purpose of a handbag is to be carried around. How comfortable will you be carrying it around? Is it going to hurt you shoulders and get you slouching at the end of the day? If that is the case, nicely tell the seller that you will be back another day. Consider where you will be most comfortable carrying it on. Is it the crook of your arm or your shoulder? Make sure that the length of the handles coincide with whatever manner you prefer carrying the handbag.
  6. Quality – This can’t be emphasized enough. Do not be lured by the low price into buying something that is going to be totally useless. It may be stylish and have your favourite prints but if the quality is questionable, find it in your heart to walk away. If spending a few extra cash is going to guarantee the longevity of your handbag, it may be worth it.
  7. Style – This is probably your favourite property. Style will invariably determine how often you are going to use the handbag. Are you looking to buy something that will serve you in many occasions and seasons? Keep off the overly-trendy ones. If you intend to use it for a longer period and not ditch it the moment another fashion wave comes sweeping, go with a classic and clean style as opposed to those with innumerable buttons and fringes.

So here we go, the most stylish ladies handbags in Kenya for under 5k in 2018.

1. Leather Shoulder Bag for Ladies

KSh 2,350

Stylish Ladies Handbags in Kenya

2. Stylish Ladies Handbag

Ksh 5000

Stylish Ladies Handbags in Kenya

3. Shoulder Slung Handbag

KSh 4,024

Stylish Ladies Handbags in Kenya

4. Red Stylish Ladies Handbag

KSh 5,000

Stylish Ladies Handbags in Kenya

5. Elegant Wine Red Ladies Backpack

KSh 1,399

Stylish Ladies Handbags in Kenya

6. Black Ladies Backpack

KSh 1,199

Stylish Ladies Handbags in Kenya

7. Black Stylish Leather Backpack

KSh 1,100

Stylish Ladies Handbags in Kenya

8. Casual Ladies Backpack

KSh 999

Stylish Ladies Handbags in Kenya

9. Stylish Ladies Shoulder Bag

KSh 3,299

Stylish Ladies Handbags in Kenya

10. Shoulder Messenger Handbag

KSh 1,499

11. Beautiful Print Ladies Bag

KSh 1,299

Stylish Ladies Handbags in Kenya

12. Quality PU leather handbag

KSh 990

13. Women Casual Tote Bag

KSh 799

14. Buckle Shoulder bag

KSh 699

15. Classic Fashionable Women Handbag 

KSh 799

16. Korean striped canvas bag

                                 KSh 899

17. Lovely Deer Shell Bag

KSh 799

18. Tassel Design Women Shoulder Bag

KSH 699

19. Fancy Ladies Chain Handbag

KSh 2,100

20. High quality leather handbag

KSh 1,899


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