How to be an Uber Driver in Kenya and Start Making Money

How to be an uber driver in Kenya

Do you want to be an Uber driver in Kenya and start earning income right away? This simple but comprehensive guide will reveal everything you need to do in order to start driving for Uber Kenya.

By the end of guide, you will be fully aware of the Uber Kenya Driver requirements and what type of vehicles you need in order to start working.

Becoming an Uber driver in Kenya is a good way to earn quick bucks and also be your own boss. Driving for Uber gives you the opportunity to be self-employed since you work with your own schedule. Furthermore, you do not necessarily need to own a car for you to be an Uber driver in Kenya.

See, if you do not have a car but your dream is to be an Uber driver in Kenya, there are many options you can choose from, and be your own boss for as long as you want.

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One popular option is to take advantage of the long-term hire car companies in Kenya that have Uber-fit vehicles they can lease out to you at a fair price. They normally lease out their cars for a period of 3-12 months. Better yet, these cars come with full insurance –an Uber requirement that must be fulfilled as we shall later see. You can read more on how you car be an Uber driver even without a car.

Additionally, you can also check out these affordable long-term car hire services in Kenya

As you now know, Uber has made it easy to be a driver in Kenya and make money without too much hassle. Therefore, not owning a car should be erased from your list of excuses with immediate effect!

Next, Let’s look at exactly how you can be an Uber driver in Kenya. That is,  what you need to do and have for you to be a drive for Uber in Kenya.

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5 Steps to Becoming an Uber Driver in Kenya

Step 1: Register Online

First things first! Go and create a new account on their website here. This is the first thing that anyone who wishes to be an Uber driver in Kenya should do. There is nothing special or complex about the sign-up or new account creation process.

All that Uber needs is that you have an active email and that of course, you own a working smart phone. You need to answer just a few super-simple questions about yourself and your sign-up process will be over before you realize.

Step 2: Get a car

The next step is to get a car. Not just any car but an Uber-fit car.

 But what exactly is an Uber-fit car? These are simply vehicles that are accepted by Uber Kenya. There are some requirements that all cars used for Uber services in Kenya should meet.

Uber Kenya Car Requirements 2019

The following are features of vehicles accepted by Uber Kenya:

  • It should have a working air conditioner. Believe it or not, many Uber clients choose Uber because they love they love the traveling comfort that comes with it.
  • It should have four doors and all of them should be working perfectly. And mind you, it should not be a van or truck. Uber loves simplicity!
  • It should have a working radio obviously because Uber users in Kenya are mostly elites who know the true meaning of information and entertainment. In simple terms, they love to listen to radio!
  • It should have Working windows, of course!
  • It should have full Third party insurance. (and that is mainly to protect you –the driver incase an accident occurs.)

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Step 3: Meet the Uber Kenya Driver requirements

To drive for Uber in Kenya, you:

  • Must be over 24 years of age, and you must prove this by uploading a copy of your national identity card
  • Must own a working smart phone
  • Must have a valid driving permit (PSV)
  • Must complete a short certification process
  • Must complete a safety screening to prove that you are not a criminal and do not have any record of crime.
  • Must be in good health i.e. good sight
  • Must upload a clear driver passport photo of you. Uber in Kenya is very strict with this one. According to Uber Kenya, this photo should be of very high quality.

Step 4: Provide the Uber Kenya Car documentation

You will need to upload the following car Documents:

  • The vehicle’s registration card
  • Third-party insurance (must be fully covered)
  • Your driving permit

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Step 5: Activate Your Uber Account

Once you have completed and availed Uber with the above-mentioned steps, then you can go ahead and activate your account. The moment you receive a message that your account activation is successful; you are free to hit the road and start making quick cash as an Uber driver in Kenya. Otherwise, Congratulations!

How Much Do Uber Drivers Make in Kenya

This is the most commonly asked question by people who wish to join Uber Kenya as drivers. The amount you earn depends on a number of things.

It is not logical to provide a standard value of how much Uber drivers make in Kenya. But if we put into consideration a number of factors, we might be able to come up with an estimate.

These factors include:

  • The Model of the car you are using
  • The amount of hours worked
  • Distance covered in each trip
  • Other related factors

The amount of money uber drivers make in Kenya vary from each driver. That is to say, all drivers do not make the same amount each day. It all depends on your own hard work and availability.

There is no limit to how much you can earn.


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