Uber Vehicle Requirements In Kenya 2022

This is a complete list of requirements you will need to become an Uber driver in Kenya.

Uber Kenya car requirements

This is a simple but comprehensive guide into Uber Kenya car requirements 2019 . If you are looking for a list of cars accepted by Uber in Kenya, this guide will give you an idea of what you should be looking for.

This is of course if you have already made up your mind and want to be an Uber driver. But if you are still on the fence or just don’t know where to start, please check out our guide on how to be an Uber driver in Kenya.

Otherwise, if you are ready and now looking for the best cars for Uber in Kenya, keep reading.

Vehicles accepted by Uber Kenya

Apart from wondering how much Uber drivers make in Kenya, most people hoping to hop into the Uber bandwagon as drivers will ultimately be faced by the task of looking for vehicles accepted by Uber Kenya.

Being a big company, Uber is responsible for the safety of its drivers and passengers. That is why it does not accept just any other vehicle. If you want to be a driver, you might be wondering how to register you car with Uber Kenya. But first, is your car eligible to join the world famous ride hailing company.

Your first need to meet the Uber Kenya car requirements before you can be accepted. But what are Uber eligible cars? Where do you get them? Read on for the answers.

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General Uber Kenya car requirements 2019

Before you start looking for uber cars for sale in Kenya, below are the requirements they should meet.

  • The model – The car model that you purpose to use with Uber must be of at least 2006 or newer. Old model cars are not accepted by uber. The cars will be inspected by motor assessors to ensure that they are in good condition, clean and of top quality.
  • Car doors – The car must also have 4 doors, fully operational and in good condition. There are only a few acceptable 2-door cars which are specifically selected by Uber.
  • Windows – All the windows in your car should be in good working condition.
  • Air condition – Good air conditioning is a must for all Uber cars.
  • Certificate – The car must have a motor registration certificate to prove identify and ownership.
  • No Branding – The car should have no commercial branding of any kind. Not even graffiti.
  • Insurance – Your car should have an insurance cover especially a PSV one.

Types of Uber Vehicles in Kenya

Uber cars in Kenya can be categorized into different types or options depending on a number of factors. This options may affect pricing for same distance. That is, the prices may be different for two Uber cars moving between the same points.

Apart from the general requirements above, each of the car options might come with their own requirements

Below are some vehicle options available in Kenya.

1. UberX

This is the most popular car option in Nairobi and Mombasa. Most cars in the UberX category are new and very comfortable compared to the normal Uber cars .

UberX car requirements in Kenya

  • 4-door sedan (compartments for both passengers and the driver) and must all be in good condition.
  • The car must also have at least 4 seats reserved for the passengers inclusive of the driver.
  • The car must have all windows operating perfectly and in good condition.
  • A system unit should also be in place for entertaining your customers. If possible, you can fix in screens behind the front seats, just to attract more customers and for your vehicle to have that flashy and eye-catching look.
  • Your car should also be equipped with fully functional air conditioning equipment for that favourable environment in your car for your clients.
  • Rebuild or refurbished cars are not accepted for uberX. The car has to be brand new.
  • For your car to be qualified for uberX, it must be a model of 2006 or newer.

List of uberX Cars Acepted in Kenya:

  • Nissan –Swift 1300cc
  • Mazda – Demio 1300cc
  • Nissan – March 2006 and above (fuel efficient), Note 2006 and above (fuel efficient)
  • Toyota – Vita 2006 and above (fuel efficient) Belta 1000cc, Passo 1300cc, Vitz 1000cc, Belta 1300cc, Passo 1300cc, Porte 1300cc, Reacts 1300cc, Vitz 1300cc
  • Mitsubishi – Colt 1300cc
  • Suzuki – Swift 2006 and above (fuel efficient)
  • Honda – FIT 2006 and above (fuel efficient), Insight 2006 and above (fuel efficient)
  • Daihatsu – MIRA 2006 and above (fuel efficient)


This is another tier of Uber, brought specifically for those people who love traveling in style. In other words if you are into luxury, this is the UberSELECT is the car to be using. As a driver, it means earning more because riders pay higher fares.

Requirements for UberSELECT cars in Kenya

  • It must be a model of not later than 2008
  • It must have at least 4 seats inclusive of the driver
  • Must have fully functional windows and air conditioner
  • It should not have any marking such as taxicabs, government cars or any other
  • Refurbished or renovated cars are not acceptable

List of UberSELECT cars accpeted in Kenya

  • Mazda – Mazda3
  • Nissan – Wingroad, Bluebird, Lafesta
  • Toyota – Corona Premio, Corolla, Corolla Axio, Corolla Fielder, 4Runner, Isis, Prius, Wish, Allion, Noah, Premio, Sienna, Voxy
  • Mitsubishi – Lancer


As the name suggests, this is the option for riders who are in a hurry. It is currently available in Nairobi. For this case, they accept only the best of cars into this category.

Requirements for UberCHAPCHAP cars

  • Suzuki Alto 800 in good condition
  • Car model year 2017 or newer qualify to drive with uberCHAPCHAP

4. UberPOA

This option is only currently available in Mombasa Island (Town), Nyali, Mkomani, Kongowea, Kisauniand Bamburi. and uses TukTuks as opposed to cars. So if you are from Mombasa and can’t get a car that meets the requirements, you can as well opt for a tuktuk.

When requesting your uberPOA, your pick-up and drop-off points have to be within the current service area mentioned above. Above hopes to expand this areas soon.

UberPOA requirements

  • The tuktuk has to be of the latest model
  • Good working condition
  • All doors should be working perfectly
  • The tuktuk has to be clean
  • Renovated tuktuks are not accpeted

Documents Required to Register Your Car with Uber

  • An inspection report to show that your car has been checked by experts
  • An Operating Card
  • Registration certificate for your vehicle
  • PSV Car Insurance certificate

Uber Kenya driver Requirements

For a complete guide on Uber Kenya driver requirements, read our guide on how to be an Uber driver in Kenya.

But if you don’t have the time, here is a quick summary.

  1. You must be not less than 21 years old
  2. You have to pass a driving test
  3. You have been driving for at least three years
  4. No driving irregularities in the past.
  5. Valid national ID
  6. You must have a PSV Driving License in addition to the regular one.
  7. You must have no Criminal Record.


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